Results from handover workshop on 29 January 2015

The Antilope handover workshop took place on 29 January 2015 at the University Hospital in Ghent before a packed and engaged audience.  There was good feedback and lively discussions and an agreement on the required next steps to take Antilope forward…

…on the political level:

  • The eHealth Network (eHN) should take note of the Antilope results because it offers interoperability tools for countries wanting to deploy harmonised interoperability.
  • The eHN should make a proposal to the Connecting Europe Facility to standardise cross border medical exchanges based on the Antilope results.

and on the operational level:

  • Provide contribution and support to the national/regional level for adoption of Antilope Framework
  • Define an implementation policy driven governance: Cross-European Collaboration platform on eHealth interoperability

The documents and presentations from the handover workshop are provided below. A project documentation on Antilope’s four Key Enablers was also handed out.

Antilope ends on 31 January 2015, but the journey towards eHealth interoperability goes on.  We invite everybody to take our documents and put them to good use.  We wish you good luck: your success is our success.

The Antilope consortium  

Handover workshop

Final agenda


Prof. Georges De Moor, head of department, University of Ghent, President of RAMIT
Ib Johansen, MedCom, Antilope project coordinator
Karima Bourquard, IHE-Europe, Antilope technical coordinator
Michiel Sprenger, Nictiz, chair of the workshop

Antilope Overview

Ib Johansen, Deputy Manager and Antilope project coordinator, MedCom

Key messages and recommendations for adoption

Evaluation and feedback from the Validation Partners/Antilope summits

Jos Devlies, Medical Director EuroRec, Antilope WP leader
Jean-Charles Dron, Chargé de mission InteropSanté, Antilope partner
Leo Ciglenecki, Director ProRec Slovenia, Antilope partner

Adoption and take up of results

  • Cyprus
    Constantinos Pattichis, Professor of Computer Science, University of Cyprus and Franck Le Gall COO, Easy Global Market (EGM)
  • Greece (did not present)
    Kostas Lykostratis, special advisor to the Minister of Health
  • Denmark
    Ib Johansen, Deputy Manager, MedCom
  • Portugal
    Licínio Kustra Mano, Head of International Projects and Interoperability, Portuguese Ministry of Health Shared Services
  • Belgium
    Luc Nicolas, Belgian Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Health
  • IHE
    Karima Bourquard, Director of Interoperability, IHE-Europe

Handover session (roundtable)

Chair: Alexander Berler, HL7 Hellas Chair, Antilope partner

  • Pre-Procurement Innovation
    Gerald Cultot, Research Programme Officer, Antilope Project Officer, EC
  • eStandards
    Catherine Chronaki, Sectetary General at HL7 International Foundation
    Zoi Kolitsi, Aristotle University of Tessaloniki, EXPAND WP3 leader
  • Open Medicine
    Dr. Karl Stroetmann, empirica
    Luc Maes, eHealth Senior Manager
  • Value Health
    Dipak Kalra, President of EuroRec

Next steps and wrap-up

Karima Bourquard, Ib Johansen and Michiel Sprenger