About the Project

antilope project members interactionAntilope’s ambition was to drive eHealth interoperability in Europe and beyond.  Between 2013 and 2015 key national and international organisations were working together to promote and drive adoption of testing guidelines as well as testing tools on a European and national level. They created, validated and disseminated a common approach for testing and certification of eHealth solutions and services in Europe.  Together with the corresponding testing tools, Antilope has given regional, national and international projects practical guidelines to converge their eHealth platforms and practices.  These guidance documents are available on the Resources page. For an AV presentation of Antilope’s documents check out Antilope’s webinar of 25 March 2014.

Antilope “handed over” project results in a workshop on 29 January 2015 in Ghent (click for results and presentations).

Why does eHealth interoperability matter? For some reflections click here,

Antilope has supported the dissemination and adoption of the European Interoperability Framework and has built on these recommendations, roadmaps, National/Regional and local Interoperability projects.  In particular it has:

  • Driven the adoption of recognised sets of profiles and underlying standards for eHealth interoperability, and improved the impact of the EU and International eHealth standards development process;
  • Defined and validated testing guidelines and common approaches on Interoperability Labelling and Certification processes at European and at National/Regional level.

The consortium has developed a series of material including an overview of use cases, standards and profiles following the eHealth interoperability framework, and testing guidelines to projects and implementers.  The material was prepared in consultation with European and international experts and stakeholders. All material is available on the Resources page.

In 2014 the project conducted a series of educational workshops in various regions in Europe to disseminate and validate the project material.  The relevant documentation and presentations are also available on the Antilope website.

The Antilope’s four Key Enablers document, prepared in January 2015, summarises Antilope in a short and concise flyer.

For legal/administrative details please consult the project description on the European Commission website.