Watch and listen to the Antilope webinar

Antilope produced a one hour webinar and delivered it to a live online audience of almost 40 people on on 25 March 2014.  Here is the recording.  Take out your headset, get yourself a cup of coffee, and listen to a condensed overview of the Antilope project and its

(1) proposed framework and set of clinical use cases,
(2) suggestions for a quality management approach for eHealth solutions,
(3) overview of available testing tools, and
(4) suggested approach to quality-label or to certify eHealth solutions.


(If you have troubles, go to 2014-03-25 16.00 ANTILOPE Webinar on Vimeo.)

Presenters included:

Vincent van Pelt, NICTIZ
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, Mediq
Milan Zoric, ETSI
Charles Parisot, IHE Europe

The webinar was facilitated by Mie Hjorth Matthiesen from Medcom.

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