ANTILOPE drives eHealth interoperability in Europe and beyond. Between 2013 and 2015 key national and international organisations will work together to select and define eHealth standards and specifications. They will create, validate and disseminate a common approach for testing and certification of eHealth solutions and services in Europe.  Read more

Iberic summit on 24 September 2014 in Valladolid, Spain

The Antilope series of regional summits is coming to an end with the Iberic summit on 24 September 2014 in Valladolid, the capital of the Spanish region of Castilla y Leon.

The summit targets primarily eHealth users and buyers from Portugal and Spain.

Registration is now open. For more information and registration go to the Valladolid workshop page.

Have you missed “your” summit and/or would like to know more? Check out the recording of our one hour webinar from last March.  All relevant documents are available on our resources page.

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Presentations of recent Antilope summits

Below are links to presentations that were delivered at recent Antilope summits.  They include both presentations from the Antilope core team and presentations from experts on the eHealth situation in their countries or regions. We are adding more presentations as they become available.

Benelux summit, 6 June 2014

ANTILOPE – Background, purpose, outcome.
Jos Devlies, ProRec-BE

Interoperability & Testing in The Netherlands.
Lies van Gennip, Nictiz

Interoperability testing in Belgium.
Luc Nicolas, FOD/SPF Santé

Interoperability testing in Luxembourg.
Heiko Zimmermann, Agence Santé

Vitalink hubs

Luc Maes, iMinds

(Animation of Vitalink [in Flemish]: Vitalink_Medicatieschema)

Use Cases as basis for setting up interoperability testing and organisation.
Vincent van Pelt, Nictiz

Quality Management and how to set up interoperability testing.
Morten Bruun Rasmus- sen, MEDIQ, Denmark

Testing tools for Interoperability testing.
List of existing and tools needed to be developed.
Milan Zoric, ETSI, France

Setting up labelling and certification. Process and how to establish an organisation.
Karima Bourquard, IHE-Europe

Completing the questionnaires
Jos Devlies, ProRec-BE

Athens Summit, 13 May 2014

Adoption and take up of standards and profiles for e-Health Interoperability
Jos Devlies, EuroRec

Greek eHealth Strategy under public consultation
Mina Boubaki, Ministry of Health Greece

eHealth Strategy and Initiatives in Cyprus
Andriana Achilleos

Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructures in Turkey
Gokce Laleci Erturkmen, SRDC

eHealth Strategy and Implementation in Bulgaria
Rostislava Dimitrova, Center for eHealth and Innovation

Current activities and eHealth Strategy in Romania
Mircea Focsa

Quality Manual for Interoperability Testing
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, Medcom

Antilope refinement of the eEIF
Vincent van Pelt, NICTIZ

Quality Label and Certification Processes
Karima Bourquard, IHE Europe

Antilope Testing tools
Milan Zoric, ETSI

UK Summit, London, 30 April 2014

Welcome: Introduction to the Summi

Keynote: The Value of International Standards for Patients, Clinicians and Industry
Inderjit Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NHS England

England perspective
Richard Dobson, Operation and Technical Services Directorate, HSCIC

Wales perspective
Gary Bullock, ICT Technical Director, NHS Wales Informatics Service

Northern Ireland perspective
Des O’Loan, eHealth Strategy, NI Health & Social Care Board

Keynote: Benefits of International eHealth Interoperability Standards Convergence
Ian Hay, Technical WG Chair, Continua Health Alliance and Head of Emerging Technologies, Orange

Introduction to ANTILOPE, UK Perspective
Roger Wallhouse, IHE-UK

Labelling and certification in Europe
Jos Devlies, Medical Director EuroRec

ANTILOPE Use Cases as a basis for setting up international interoperability testing
Vincent Van Pelt, Senior Advisor, NICTIZ, The Nederlands

Quality Management System for Interoperability Testing
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, MEDIQ, Denmark

Tools for testing interoperability in Europe. Existing tools and tools to be developed
Milan Zoric, ETSI, France

Satisfying UK demand, uptake mechanisms to benefit patients, clinicians and industry
All participants, facilitated by eHealth Insider

DACH Summit, Vienna, 11 April 2014

Welcome – Introduction to the Summit
Stefan Sauermann, UAS Technikum Wien

eHealth: International initiatives & projects
Kathrin Trunner, Austrian Ministry of Health

State of the Art in Austria
Martin Prager, UBIT, Austria

State of the Art in Germany
Georg Heidenreich, IHE Germany

State of the Art in Switzerland
Dr Sang-IL Kim, eHealth Suisse

Antilope WP2 – Key messages. Quality Management and how to set up interoperability testing
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, MEDIQ, Denmark

Antilope WP3 –Tools for testing interoperability. Existing tools and tools to be developed
Milan Zoric, ETSI

Antilope WP4 – Setting up labelling and certification. Processes and how to set up the organisation
Karima Bourquard, IHE Europe

Visegrad Summit, Bratislava, 26 February 2014

Ways of development in Hungarian Healthcare

Peter Dombai, GYEMSZI – Institute for Quality- and Organisational Development for Healthcare and Medicine

E-health Initiatives in Poland 2007-2020

Marta Buraczyńska, National Centre for Health Information Systems


Ing. Martin Ďurik, PhD

Antilope – refinement of the eEIF

Vincent van Pelt, Nictiz

Quality Manual for Interoperability Testing

Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, Mediq

Antilope education material

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